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Our Breeding Philosophy
The Presa Canario

presa canario puppies for sale, ontario, canada

Appropriate growth and development from whelp to wean is extremely important to us. Puppies are provided with top of the line whelp box bedding providing some of the best traction to support their growing hips and knees. They undergo military early neurological stimulation to help improve the growth and development of the immune and cardiovascular systems as well as their stress tolerance. At each age appropriate milestone, pups will be introduced to several forms of environmental enrichment including auditory, tactile and visual stimulation. Puppies will be started on litter and crate training and puppy manding will be completed. Puppies will be vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped prior to going to new homes and will be registered with the United Kennel Club. Puppies will be matched with buyers according to personalities and what lifestyle you will be providing. Temperaments are assessed as they grow to determine the best type of home for each pup.  Serious inquiries only.


The Whelping Room


Puppy Enrichment & Stimuli

Presa Canario Puppy Testimonials

Ryan D.

Titus is an absolutely amazing dog. There is no better Presa out there. I am completely in love with everything about him. Thank you @raeah_the presa, @theproperk9 for doing an amazing job with this litter and finding the right sire and mate for Raeah to deliver such perfection.  You outdid yourself. I can only imagine what will turn out next time. Anyone looking for a Presa, @raeah_the_presa/ @theproperk9 is your stop.

Dayna M

Keera became available and I snatched her up right away. Best decision i've ever made. She is exactly the type of dog I was looking for. Confident, smart, healthy, sassy attitude and of course shes beautifully and structurally sound. I researched presas for a couple years before I finally decided to buy and I'm so happy I did. Thank you @raeah_the_presa/

@theproperk9 for producing this amazing dog. She's a great example of the breed type in both personality and structure. You worked hard with these puppies and it clearly shows. 

Jasmin & Brad

We are absolutely thrilled with our experience with The Proper K9 from beginning to end! No pressure. All knowledge, support and passion! Kelly is a true professional when it comes to breeding and training. She put so much heart and effort into the litter, going above and beyond with stimulation and development. Kelly took the time to get to know our lifestyle to make sure we were paired up with a pup with the right temperament. This really made the whole experience of getting our first Presa an incredible one! We couldn't be happier!

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