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Puppies & Adults


Available for Co-Ownership

DOB: October 26th 2021


UKC CH Skills Stan is an import from Skills Kennel in Norway. He has a lovely temperament, low drive, friendly with people, neutral with other dogs. Stan would love to find a home where he can be a spoiled pet enjoying a couch. He has excellent threat assessment and won't react unless there is a reason.  He's available to a co-ownership home. 

Good with cats, kids & female dogs. 

Available to pet home.

DOB: November 7th 2022


9AM Sarendipity came from Texas, USA as a potential breeding candidate. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia (Right Hip) on her preliminary x-rays submitted to OFA. This rating was based on the laxity in her hip and not the presence of any osteoarthritis or bony changes in the joint. This should not have any long term complications and she is not lame or sore. She would benefit from long-term joint supplements and to be kept lean. She has a phenomenal friendly temperament. Loves people. Loves puppies. Super smart and willing to please. She does have pet insurance that can be transferred to new owner and that would cover any future issues relating to her hips. She is very well muscled and loves to run. Loves her toys and a high food drive. Small rehoming fee and sold on strict spay contract. Available to Canada and USA. Shipping at buyers expense. 

available presa canario puppy

Available to Pet, Sport or Co-Own Home

DOB: July 6th 2023


Heidi was placed in a new home but unfortunately they did not feel they could provide appropriate training and time into her so she has come back. She's such a fun puppy! She's an independant girl who benefits from one on one engagement training and play. She definitely needs a firm but fair handler who ensures she wont walk all over you. Loves to carry around her toys and play. Crate trained. Microchipped. Dewormed and has 2 negative fecal samples. Fully vaccinated. High food drive, mild-moderate prey drive. Available to Canada or USA. Happy to sell outright to pet or sport home but would be open to co-ownership to the right person. Shipping at buyers expense. 

Available for Co-Owne

DOB: July 6th 2023


Elektra is a spicy and fun puppy. Ideal home is somebody who wants to do some form of work or sports. She would excel in anything requiring speed and athleticism. She loves to jump and run through tunnels. Loves to be chased by the other puppies. I could see her doing agility, flyball, coursing, or dock diving. Would also excel in bitesport with a trainer who understands bringing up presas slowly. Has excellent prey drive while back tied for the rag/flirt pole. Also loves to hang off the spring pole. She is a tall and athletic build. Great with kids & cats. Crate trained. Microchipped. Dewormed and has 2 negative fecal samples. Fully vaccinated. High food drive, high prey drive. Available to Canada or USA.  Shipping at buyers expense. 

available presa canario puppy
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