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Champion Bloodlines VS. Champion Titled - The Presa Canario

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The term “Champion Bloodlines” is often referred to by breeders who are attempting to present their breeding stock in a more favourable light. Champion Bloodlines quite simply means a Champion titled dog exists SOMEWHERE in the bloodline/pedigree. This could be several generations back behind your puppy. Just because there is one Champion listed in the bloodline, by no means does this make your puppy show quality, breeding worthy or a Champion his or herself. Champion bloodline in a sire or dam also does not mean either of those dogs were fit to be bred.

The term “finish” in the show dog world means you reach the “Champion” level with your dog. For Presa Canario they are only recognized by all-breed clubs (ABI, IABCA) the Dogo Presa Canario Club of America, UPPCC by FCI/UKC. In North America they cannot show CKC and are only accepted in AKC under the Foundation Stock Service, where they cannot earn points toward a Championship. Presas in North America are most commonly shown and titled with UKC (United Kennel Club).

Each kennel club organization has their own standards and rules to become a Champion, but it usually consists of winning at the class level over breed competition, or winning best of breed. If there is no breed competition, you often have to place within the top 4 in the working/guardian dog group against dogs of other breeds. Often times this can be more difficult because Presas are much less common than many of the other breeds in the group (Doberman, Boxer, Great Dane etc). Judges may be more familiar with the competition’s breed standards and therefore may award them higher placements.

Generally it will take several shows to achieve your Champion title. When you’re showing, the judge is selecting dogs that best represent their breed standard in conformation. This means that if you’re doing well and placing, your dog structurally fits the breed standard. Judges have the ability to excuse you if your dog is a bad representation of the breed, has disqualifying faults or is temperamentally unsound. Of course, there is a large subjective component to showing and judges opinions can vary. Once you have titled as a Champion you will receive a certificate such as these:

Finishing your dog to the Champion or Grand Champion level is an achievement. It takes money, time, dedication, training, travel, emotion, sacrifice (weekends away from family) and more. For many breeders they put blood, sweat and tears into building up their stock and their lines and take immense pride in advertising their achievements and accolades. To see SO many “breeders” advertising “Champion Bloodlines”, as if that actually means anything of value, is frankly disheartening. Even more sad is the buyers who fall for these marketing gimmicks. The Champion title is EARNED.

If you want a puppy from Champion parents you can certainly find one. If you see “Champion Bloodlines”, I would think twice about considering a puppy from a breeder who is advertising in this manner. It comes down to it being essentially irrelevant if this breeder hasn't continued to show, title and prove their own stock. The expression, 'riding on someone's coattails' would be fitting. This tactic is used to try to make a litter look more worthy or to justify a higher price for the puppies. As always, educate yourself as much as possible, ask questions and do your research.

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